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2014 State of Organizational GIS Survey

To start the 2014 GIS Organizational Metrics Survey process, please click below to register as a new user or login as a returning user. Please be as objective as possible in the responses for your organization. In addition to your name as the person providing the survey responses, you must include the name and email address of another person within your organization who can validate your responses. Once you identify your organization and the name of the person completing the survey, you will be sent a user ID by email to allow you to save your work and return to the survey, until you have completed it and are ready to submit it to GMI. After the survey has been completed and submitted an email will be sent to you and to the person validating the responses, to confirm the survey data you have provided.

User Agreement: By participating in this Metric Survey you agree to use of your information per the terms and conditions as described in the Disclaimer below.

Glossary: Please consult the GIS Capability Maturity Model Glossary (available via the link below and at the bottom of each page) to determine the intended usage of the terms in the Metric Survey. 

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  1. How long will it take me to complete the survey?

    We estimate that a manager who is knowledgeable about their organization and GIS operation should be able to complete the survey in about one hour. Of course, this may vary.

  2. Who will have access to my detailed data?

    Your detailed data will be stored on the GMI’s secure database. Only authorized GMI researchers will be able to access your individual agency data.

  3. Can I save my data and finish the survey after I start it?

    Yes. Once you start you will receive a registration number that will allow you to return to the survey until you are ready to submit it.

  4. What if a term found in the survey differs from my understanding of that term?

    Please consult the GIS Capability Maturity Model Glossary of Terms and base your responses on the definitions provided. By referring to and applying definitions in the Glossary, individuals and organizations that complete the survey will assist in consistent understanding, analysis, and comparison.

  5. Will my organizations name and detailed data be made public?

    If you are willing to have your organization’s information shared for comparative purposes, you will have an opportunity to provide the GMI with permission at the end of the survey.

  6. Other questions?